Woven Camo - Arctic - Single Pass

Introduction to Woven Camo Fabric

Unlike the ordinary camo printed nylon straps commonly available in the market, we have taken it up a notch. The intricate camo design is skillfully woven into pattern with the help of computer-aided loom technology. To enhance the strap's rugged appeal, we have opted for threads with a lower sheenThe outcome is a visually stunning strap that boasts a 3D-like texture and finish.

Custom 316L Stainless Steel Hardware
Buckle has flared-out and rounded corners; its curved profile matches the curvature of the wrist for maximum comfort. Keepers are faceted and with beveled corners; the angular design improves durability and suits even the most rigorous daily activities.

Single Pass Configuration
Single layer of material sits between the watch and your wrist, which is great for those who prefer a sleek and minimalist look. Whereas double pass straps have 2 layers of material between the watch and your wrist, providing a more substantial feel on the wrist. Click here to see all color options in both single pass and double pass configurations. 

Our Partner - Monstraps
These straps are designed and supplied by www.monstraps.com
DLW is the official retailer of Monstraps