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This is the easiest and fastest way to get a modded watch.
Design and purchase a fully modded watch through our consultant Derrick, from Mods by D. 
Based in Singapore, Derrick has been modding watches since 2015, and has done countless modding projects for clients globally.
Check out modded watches built by Derrick: www.instagram.com/mods.by.d


1. Inspiration 
View photos of completed mods and find your preferred design:
- Our Instagram: www.instagram.com/dlw.watches
- Our website: dlwwatches.com/collections/bezel-inserts

2. Conception
Share your ideas with Derrick by email at derikhjlm@gmail.com
- Email a photo of the modded watch you like to Derrick; you can decide to keep to the original design or make changes to it.
- If you already have something unique in mind, you can also specify the base watch model and the exact parts you want for your mod. 
- Derrick will reply with the quotation and cost breakdowns.

3. Development
- After receiving payment, Derrick will source for the watch, arrange to buy parts from DLW, install the parts, and inspect the watch upon completion. 
- Before shipment, a photo of the completed mod will sent to you for review and approval.

Other information
- Payment methods: PayPal or local bank transfer (if within Singapore)
- Choice of watch and parts: Only original genuine watches and mod parts from DLW will be used
- Build time: Usually 7 to 14 days from receipt of payment
- Shipping method: DHL Express
- Shipping duration: Usually 3-5 business days, excluding time for customs check (if any)