This is the easiest and fastest way to get a modded Seiko watch. Design and purchase a fully modded watch through our consultant Derrick, from Mods by D. 

About Mods by D
Based in Singapore, Derrick from Mods by D has been modding Seiko watches since 2015. He has done countless modding projects for clients globally, and offers a hassle-free process to customize watches. Derrick will guide you through the entire process personally. 

Order Process

1. Inspiration 
View photos of completed mods and find your preferred design:
- Our Instagram:
- Our website:

2. Conception
Share your ideas with Derrick by email at
- Send a photo of the modded watch you like; you can decide to keep to the original design or make changes from there.
- If you already have something unique in mind, you can also specify the Seiko watch model and the exact parts you want for your mod. 
- Derrick will reply with the quotation and cost breakdowns.

3. Development
- The building process will start after receipt of payment: sourcing for new watch, arranging for the mod parts with DLW, assembly, and final inspection. 
- Before shipment, a photo of the completed mod will sent to you for review and approval.

Other information
- Payment methods: PayPal or local bank transfer (if within Singapore)
- Choice of watch and parts: Only original Seiko watches and mod parts from DLW
- Build time: Usually 7 to 14 days from receipt of payment
- Shipping method: DHL Express
- Shipping duration: Usually 3-5 business days, excluding time for customs check (if any)