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NH36 Movement - White

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NH36 Automatic Movement
With Day-Date, hacking, and hand-winding features
Threaded (uncut) stem included

Choosing the correct option (3H or 4H crown position) is essential. A wrong choice can lead to a misaligned day wheel (date wheel will always be aligned). However, if your dial only shows the date (day wheel covered), the choice becomes less significant. 

3H Crown Position
For watch cases with crown at 3H (3 o'clock) position.
Watch models with 3H crown: Samurai series, Urchin series, etc.

4H Crown Position
For watch cases with crown at 4H (4 o'clock) position.
To be exact, the crown position is at 3.8H, but most people refer to this as 4H. 
Watch models with 3.8H crown: SKX007, 5 SRPD series, SRP Turtle series, 5 SRPE series, etc.