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Case - SRPE NAUT. - Polished/Brushed PVD Rose Gold (With Case Back)

Designing the NAUT. case involved meticulous refinement of distinctive features such as the flared flanks and the octagonal bezel with rounded edges. Careful considerations were made to ensure the case is aesthetically pleasing from all angles, while working within the constraints of SRPE dimensions.

The NAUT. stands out among other cases of similar design. It features an interplay of mirrored and brushed facets, along with sculptural curves that flow smoothly. These refinements bring balance and harmony in the overall design, giving it an overall luxurious sculptural quality.

Material - 316L steel
Bezel Finishing - Brushed top and polished sides
Lugs Finishing - Brushed top and sides, with polished bevel
Case Finishing - Brushed sides, with polished flared flanks
Lugs Design - With drilled holes
Case Back Finishing - Brushed steel

Diameter - 38.5 mm (excluding crown & flared flanks)
Diameter - 43 mm (including flared flanks)
Lug to Lug - 45 mm
Lug width - 20 mm
Wears similar to original 5 SRPE series on the wrist
Click here for size comparison with other cases

All parts & straps interchangeable with
- 5 SRPE 51, 53, 55, 57, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69
Suitable movements
- 4R36, NH35, NH36, NH34 GMT (requires double dome crystal)
Suitable dials and hands
- SKX007, 5 SRPD, 5 SRPE series, etc
- All DLW dials and hands

Special note
Please use the custom crystal gasket provided. The original 5 SRPE crystal gasket is incompatible due to a slight increase in bezel height to accommodate GMT mods.

Case Back x 1 pc
Case Back Gasket x 1 pc
Crystal Gasket x 1 pc