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Chapter Ring - SKX007/SRPD - Handcrafted Series - Monochrome

Important Note
This is NOT a whole modded watch, this product is only the chapter ring.
Discount codes are not applicable to this item.

These chapter rings are tiny pieces of hand-painted artwork.
Hence, each piece is unique and no two pieces will look exactly the same.
They are produced by an artist who is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry specialising in visual communications.
Check out more photos of Dial.ogs' creations at instagram.com/dial.ogs

- Colours
A fee of SGD 15 will be charged for each customised chapter ring
Email dialogs.studio@gmail.com to order

Fits SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011 series of watches
No protruding leg below Chapter Ring (see Note)

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Original chapter ring has protruding leg at the base but it has minimal effect in preventing slight rotation within watch case. For best alignment, we recommend securing chapter ring with adhesive when dial and movement is in the watch case.