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Hands - MIX & MATCH


Mix & Match any 3 hands to form a set
Or buy just 1 piece of hand 
Important: Input Colour & Design in the Notes Section at Shopping Cart Page (see image 2)

Option 1: A Set of 3 Hands
A set can only be in these 2 configurations

1. Hr + Min + Sec
E.g. 1: H & M - Black Trek, S - Red Trident
E.g. 2: H - White Mil Spec, M - Red Merc, S - White Merc

2. Sec + Sec + Sec
E.g. 3: All second hands - Red Trident, Yellow Lightning, Blue Arrow

Option 2: Just 1 Hand

You can pick any hand available on our website
E.g. 4: M: Merc Red
E.g. 5: H: Blades Blue
E.g. 6: S: MM Silver

Fits Models: Skx007, Skx009, Snzf17 Series, Snzh55 Series, SNK809 Series

Fits Movements: 7s26, 7s36, 4r36, 7002, 7009, 6309, NH36


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