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Hands - MIX & MATCH

Mix & Match any 3 hands to form a set
Or buy any 1 hand available on our website 

Important - Order Process:

Input Colour & Design in the NOTES at SHOPPING CART PAGE (see image 2).
Ensure hands selection is reflected in your ORDER CONFIRMATION email.
If not, please reply to ORDER CONFIRMATION email with your hands selection.
(Hands selections not captured in NOTES might be due to browser settings)

Option 1: A Set of 3 Hands
A set can only be in these 2 configurations

1. Hr + Min + Sec
E.g. : H - White Mil Spec, M - Red Merc, S - White Merc

2. Sec + Sec + Sec
E.g. : All second hands - Red Trident, Yellow Lightning, Blue Arrow

Option 2: Just 1 Hand

You can pick any 1 hand available on our website

Fits Models: SKX007/009, 5 SRPD Series, SNZF17 Series, SRP Turtle Series, etc.
Fits Movements: 7S26, 7S36, 4R36, 6R15, 7002, 7009, 6309, NE15, NH36, etc.