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Ceramic Insert - 007 Sub Black - Luminous Aquaris


Compatible with Seiko SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011
Highly polished surface
Numerals/markings are engraved and filled with luminous material
Sloping design

Fitting with crystals
This insert has a slopping design.
Hence these crystals are required for a better fit:
Sapphire Flat - Type E - Seiko SKX007
Sapphire Double Dome - Seiko SKX007
Sapphire Double Dome - No Bevel Edge - Seiko SKX007

Complete your mod with the following parts
Bezels - SKX007
Chapter Rings - SKX007
Crowns - SKX007
Hands Collection
Hands (Mix & Match to form a Set)

- Clean the ceramic insert only with plain water. Do not use
 any chemicals, such as cleaning agents, acetone, thinner, etc.  
- Luminous material is light green under daylight and glows aquaris in the dark. 


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