Sapphire Top Hat - Seiko SKX007

AR (anti-reflective) coating at bottom of crystal
Flat top with rounded edges, and flat bottom

1. Blue AR: Anti-reflective coating with slight blue tint
2. Green AR: Anti-reflective coating with slight green tint
3. Clear AR: Transparent anti-reflective coating; no colour coating

Compatible inserts
Bezel Inserts - SKX007 Flat
Original Seiko SKX007 Inserts
Original Seiko 5 SRPDxx (SKX007 replacements) inserts
Note: Not suitable for SKX007 sloping inserts

Seiko SKX007, SKX009 & SKX011 series
Seiko 5 SRPDxx series (SKX007 replacements)

Complete your mod with the following parts
Bezel Inserts - SKX007 Flat
Bezels - SKX007
Chapter Rings - SKX007
Crowns - SKX007
Hands Collection
Hands (Mix & Match to form a Set)

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