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Purchase, Shipping & Refund Policy

1. We accept returns or exchanges only if items are defective or incorrect products are sent by us.

2. Request for returns, exchanges or refunds will not be accepted for items ordered in error. Please ask all questions before ordering, to ensure you are purchasing the correct item. 

3. Inspect all items upon receipt, and notify us immediately if there are any issues. We will not replace, refund or exchange products if they are installed, installation has been attempted or product sent to third party for installation.

4. We will not be responsible and will not accept request for refunds or re-sending of items if parcels are delayed, held by, confiscated by your country's authority (e.g. Customs, Government, etc) or Postal Service.

5. If you experience any delays or suspect that your parcel might be misplaced, please contact us for assistance. We will engage the local postal service to investigate on the status of parcel; decision to refund or resend parcel will only be made after the investigation is concluded.


Mar 2017 - Special note to customers from Canada; If you decide to proceed with order, please expect long delays. Below is the statement from Canada Post Service.
"If you have sent or are sending a letter or parcel to Canada, please note that delivery may be delayed by as long as several weeks. Severe weather conditions and high mail volumes from the peak festive season have caused a backlog at Canada Post."